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Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems in Pompano Beach

Fire Equipment Services

Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems in Pompano Beach

Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems in Pompano Beach for extreme operating conditions.

Today’s heavy machinery is bigger, more powerful and harder working than ever before. The engines and components of today’s machinery are capable of creating intense heat.  This level of heat can quickly spark a fire.  This puts the operator’s life at risk and can severely damage  equipment. These damages and risks can be reduced with a Vehicle Fire Suppression System in Pompano Beach installed and maintained by Fire Equipment Services.  We install and service Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems in Pompano Beach on vehicles ranging from mining/farming equipment to mass transit buses.

The Fire Equipment Services Advantage

Fire Equipment Services has over 70 years in the fire protection business.  We have the experience and know-how to effectively protect heavy mobile equipment, including mass transit buses. The many industries we service include waste management, forestry, construction, mining, and transportation. Our knowledge ensures your Vehicle Systems in Pompano Beach will work quickly and effectively.

Technician Certification for Vehicle Systems in Pompano Beach

All of our Vehicle Systems Technicians are Trained and Certified to work on a large number and variety of Vehicle Systems in Pompano Beach.   

Maintaining a Vehicle System in Pompano Beach

At Fire Equipment Services we follow manufacturer’s and industry standard guidelines for Vehicle Systems Maintenance. We inspect, repair and replace all components ensuring operating efficiency.

Join Our Family

Please give us a call at (772) 461-6845 so we can show you the benefits of joining our family of customers.  We are experts in our field.  We provide on going training and certifications for our technicians.  Many of our customers come to us from our competitors.  They simply can’t provide the expertise and precision that we deliver each and every day.  And remember, even if you have equipment installed by another company, we can inspect, test and correct any issues that we find.