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The Future of Communications

The Future of Communications

Communications – The Critical Link

Honeywell ipgsm-4g

When something goes wrong, you need to be able to get help as quickly as possible.  During a fire emergency being able to communicate with the proper authorities is crucial. One system in particular is getting a lot of attention.  This system is Honeywell’s IPGSM-4G Fire Alarm Communicator. It is a leading edge system for monitoring Fire Alarm Systems. Please see here for technical specifications.

Cutting Edge Fire Alarm Communication

The IPGSM-4G represents a leading edge communications solution for monitoring Fire Alarm Systems.  The IPGSM-4G employs a combination of Internet and/or GSM cellular communications. This renders the difficulties of traditional POTS phone a thing of the past. It is a fast, secure and effective alarm communications technology.  It allows for the connection to any Contact-ID fire panel and easily installs using Alarmnet. This is the system that Fire Marshals across the country have requested. It employs multi-path fire communications for faster and more reliable connectivity.  It also saves recurring job-site costs. Replacing costly dedicated phone lines means the IPGSM-4G  truly pays for itself!

Cost Effective Communications

The IPGSM-4G is a cost effective system. It will pay for itself by replacing costly dedicated phone lines (POTS).  The IPGSM-4G communicates in dual mode.  By default it uses cost-effective IP connectivity.  However, in the event of an internet failure, the IPGSM-4G switches to GSM cellular communications.  In addition it can be selected for GSM cellular only or IP only.

Your Source for the The IPGSM-4G and all Your Fire Alarm Needs

At Fire Equipment Services, we pride ourselves on being your go to source for all your Fire Alarm and Fire Suppression needs.  We can upgrade or service an existing system or we can install a new one. Please call us (772-461-6845) today for more information and a free quote.

Mel Folbrecht

Mel Folbrecht is President and co-owner of Fire Equipment Services of St. Lucie, Inc., a firm established in 1946. Fire Equipment is licensed by the State Fire Marshal and U.S. Dept. of Transportation, to provide and maintain fire equipment. Mel's expertise is the design of commercial automatic fire suppression systems primarily for paint spray booths, vehicles and commercial kitchens. Mel developed a pre-engineered fire suppression program, which he certified with the Florida State Fire Marshal's office, and has been teaching to Fire Marshals around the state of Florida for 30 years. Mel teaches at Indian River State College located in Fort Pierce, FL, where Mel and his wife, Lucy, sponsored and outfitted a fully functional fire suppression lab. Additionally, Mel developed submittal and inspection checklists to aid fire authorities in their review and initial functional tests of pre-engineered systems. Mel is also a co-owner of a fire alarm and a fire sprinkler company. Highlights: Served in U.S. Air Force 1967-1972 Attended both Florida State and Barry Universities Worked in restaurant management and consulting 1974-1985 Served as a board director of AGC 1998-2007: AGC North Region Golf Committee (8 yrs- chairman 4 yrs). AGC North Region Advisory Committee, Chairman (3 yrs). AGC Board Member of the Month, 2002. Served on the Board for Florida Restaurant Association and President of the Treasure Coast Chapter Vice President of Operations for S & S Food Management Vice President of Solutions Plus, a restaurant consulting firm

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