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Hood Systems Protect your Restaurant

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Hood Systems Protect your Restaurant

For the safe and efficient operation of your restaurant a hood system is incredibly important. In fact, they are mandatory for most food-service applications. Oily residue would coat any foodservice operation without a fully functioning hood system.  This includes bistros, hotels, hospitals and concession stands.  A well-designed and maintained system will help to manage grease, odors and cooking fumes.

Our Custom Designed Hood Systems

We offer custom-built hood systems to meet or exceed your local fire and building code requirements for exhaust, fire suppression and makeup air.  We always install our systems for compliance with local ordinances.

Maintaining your Restaurant Hood System

Many restaurateurs take hood systems for granted – that is until they stop working properly!  Maintaining your Restaurant Hood System by our professional service technicians is your best bet.  A properly maintained Hood System will help avoid costly and sudden repairs.  And these repairs may interfere with operations and profitability.  You keep the outside of your Hood System clean, but that is not enough.  There are many out-of-sight areas that must be maintained, inspected and serviced.

Benefits of a well-maintained Hood System

  • Fire Prevention and less inside heat
  • Extend the life of the equipment
  • Optimal and Improved Air Flow and Reduction in Risk of Carbon Monoxide
  • Energy Savings
  • Reduced Mold and Bacterial Growth
  • Compliance with local ordinances (avoid fines)

Education and Training for Hood Systems

Kitchen and custodial staff should do the daily Hood System maintenance. Daily maintenance includes soaking filters, cleaning vents, emptying grease traps and scrubbing away grease. Staff should know how to shut the system down before doing any cleaning.  At Fire Equipment Services, our staff will train your staff to handle these functions. We take the time to explain why it is being done and answer all of your maintenance questions.

Join Our Family

Please give us a call at (772) 461-6845 so we can show you the benefits of joining our family of customers.  Even if you have equipment installed by another company, we can inspect, test and correct any issues that we find.

Mel Folbrecht

Mel Folbrecht is President and co-owner of Fire Equipment Services of St. Lucie, Inc., a firm established in 1946. Fire Equipment is licensed by the State Fire Marshal and U.S. Dept. of Transportation, to provide and maintain fire equipment. Mel's expertise is the design of commercial automatic fire suppression systems primarily for paint spray booths, vehicles and commercial kitchens. Mel developed a pre-engineered fire suppression program, which he certified with the Florida State Fire Marshal's office, and has been teaching to Fire Marshals around the state of Florida for 30 years. Mel teaches at Indian River State College located in Fort Pierce, FL, where Mel and his wife, Lucy, sponsored and outfitted a fully functional fire suppression lab. Additionally, Mel developed submittal and inspection checklists to aid fire authorities in their review and initial functional tests of pre-engineered systems. Mel is also a co-owner of a fire alarm and a fire sprinkler company. Highlights: Served in U.S. Air Force 1967-1972 Attended both Florida State and Barry Universities Worked in restaurant management and consulting 1974-1985 Served as a board director of AGC 1998-2007: AGC North Region Golf Committee (8 yrs- chairman 4 yrs). AGC North Region Advisory Committee, Chairman (3 yrs). AGC Board Member of the Month, 2002. Served on the Board for Florida Restaurant Association and President of the Treasure Coast Chapter Vice President of Operations for S & S Food Management Vice President of Solutions Plus, a restaurant consulting firm

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